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Jason Michael West








Jason Michael West combines the influences of pop culture, horror, science fiction, and street art, to create an artistic style that is all his own.

Through the use of characters he has created, Jason shows the intricacies of life and how it can either wear you down or bring utter joy. The universe that he has built started with a series of astronauts that show that even through loneliness, there is hope and love. As he continued to create and be known for these astronauts he painted, he expanded this universe with many other characters to tell a deeper story than before. The first of these new characters appeared In his painting ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’, in the form of a ripped up teddy bear that he calls Broken Bear. From that painting on, he started to create more characters that showed his emotions and feeling about the world around him.

Jason Michael West has shown in exhibitions around the U.S. and his work is regularly on display in 4 Art Space at the Zhou B Art Center. Along with showing his own artwork, Jason founded a quarterly pop up art show called Art and Antics and is the founder of a Community Arts Initiative in Brookfield, Il, where he lives.

“You need a little bit of insanity to do great things” 

Henry Rollins
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