2020 Jason Michael West Art



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Do you like cats? Do you like art? How about combining the two?
Come out to 4Art Space for the first ever Fantastic Felines art show. This show will be filled with some of the most purrrrfect cat art by artists from all around the world. You won't want to miss this show.


For info on how to be a part of this show or questions regarding the show please email info@jasonmichaelwestart.com

Featured artists:

Jimmer Willmott
Yasmine Abed
Nichele Snyder
Jill Zgorzelski
Izzy Ruska
Betty Huang
Amanda Mohammad
Rebecca Huston
Jason Michael West
Jeff Berner
Lynn Johnston
Jamie Primack
Jeremy DeBor
Erin Kramer
Steena Fullmer
Justin miller
Bryan Forsyth
Robin Rios
Olivia Dhamee
Julie Hernandez


Megon Pedroza